Laura Young  / Manager, General Manager, CVT, C/O

Laura has been working with Southwind farms now for over 26 years. She takes great pride in the strides she has taken to run the facility at Maximum efficiency with Minimal overhead. She has been living on the farm for over 20 years. Being a manager of a facility this size takes much dedication, patience and love of the farm. She and her husband Chris were married in the main barn June 29, 2008. They have a beautiful 10 year old son, who already participates in farm activities. She has attended many courses over the years from premier colleges and continues to stay on top of any state of the art breeding procedures, nutritional information, or overall management changes this world has to offer. She is trained in ultra sounding mares, collecting stallions, semen evaluation, frozen semen handling techniques, acupuncture and mare synchronization for Embryo transfer. She has also attended courses in California, UC Davis for embryo transfer.  She works very closely with the industry’s leading veterinarians’ to assure the horses are getting the best of care. She is a graduate of Penn foster A.S., LVT, CVT. When she is not managing the facility she loves spending time with her family, deer hunting, and recreational activities like hiking, Snowmobiling and ATVing.  She also likes to raise Labrador retrievers.

Christopher Pazdan / Grounds Manager / Farmer,

Chris joined our Southwind Team in 2006. After dating Laura for some time we found a place for him here at Southwind. Now he works very closely with his wife Laura to help run the facility. He revamped the way we look at hay, straw and the overall maintenance of the facility. Up until his joining, Southwind was buying in 100% of its hay and straw from other supplies. Chris being a farmer all his life suggested we start making our own hay and straw for the facility. He started out slowly proving that we could handle it and it was cost efficient. In 2012 Southwind brought in over 20,000 bales, we will be total self sufficient with Hay and straw. Chris is very talented and Mechanically inclined, having the old school backing of “fix it yourself” has helped Southwind tremendously, and we do 99% of our own repairs on Equipment.  Chris farms 500 acres locally off premise, Hay straw, wheat, and soybeans.  When he is not making hay or installing a new clutch in one of our tractors he enjoys spending time with his family. Snowmobiling, atving, auctions and collecting die cast 1/16 tractors “his collection consists of over 1000 tractors and implements!”

Emma Young / Office Manager,

Emma has been the office manager for Southwind now for  18 years. She handles most of the incoming calls during our very busy breeding season. She also creates all the booking documents for Muscle Hill, and other stallions we manage, keeps records and billing under wraps. During the breeding season she also provides clients with semen delivery. She has loved horses all her life and owns a small farm in Columbus. When she is not helping Southwind in the office she is a Taxidermist, specializing in big game animals. She has been a Taxidermist for 40 years and is well known throughout NJ and PA for her artistic mounts. When she is not working she enjoys, spending time with her daughter Laura and her grandson CJ, deer hunting, and riding her horses.

Mike Klau, Syndicate Manager

Mike has been consulting with Southwind now for 27 years. He officially joined our team 10 years ago and works out of our corporate headquarters on Long Island. He has been associated with the Standardbred horse industry most of his life. He has been affiliated with Lana Lobell Farm, Old Glory Horse Sales, Pine Hollow Stud Farm, Finder-Guida Enterprises, North American Standardbred Sales Co., Dreamaire Stud and Northwood Bloodstock.  Mike is the Syndicate Manager for Muscle Hill, Sportswriter and Resolve.  Mike consults with the farm on a daily basis regarding farm activities. He is a Graduate of City College of New York. He has two sons and enjoys living in the city.

Charlie Williams, Yearling and Stallion Manager

Charlie has been working at Southwind for 29 Years! He has taken care of outstanding stallions that have stood stud at Southwind. These stallions include, Valley Victory, Artsplace, Malabar Man, and Dancer’s Victory. Currently he is responsible for taking care of Muscle Hill and any of the variety of studs that come to us for breeding. He daily baths and brushes each stallion making them shine. He has a lot of pride and dedication in caring for these stallions. In between caring for the stallions Charlie also maintains the gardens and is the yearling manager and PR person for our facility. Prior to Southwind Charlie learned his way around horses, working in the thoroughbred industry. He exercised and cared for many great thoroughbreds, before sustaining an injury that ended he riding career. After that he joined the team at Southwind and has been here ever since. Outside of the farm Charlie spends time at the racetracks, keeping up to date with the racehorses, he is a big movie buff also, attending almost every new movie out there.


Norberto Lopez,

Norberto has been working at Southwind for 20 years. He is a native of Mexico who works with his father, brothers and uncles at Southwind. When Charlie is not here he takes care of our two stallions. He also provides a clean environment for out mares and foals to live in. He trains our weanlings to lead and walk properly. He does daily farm tasks, such a cleaning and feeding, along with maintaing our lawns, trees, and fences. He does leaf and snow removal when needed. Norbertos Wife and two sons live here on the farm and are part of Southwinds family.

Felix Lopez,

Felix has been working with Southwind for 20 years. Working with the rest of his family here he helps provides great care for the horses. Felix has recently moved onto the farm with his wife Maisie and his son Andrew.  Felix is our night foaling attendant.  During foaling season he works to insure each and every foal is delivered safely.  During the yearling season he is given the toughest yearlings to groom, he has great patience for the task and enjoys it. Other tasks include, day to day care, such as cleaning stalls and turning out horses. Depending of the time of year, he mows the lawn, paint, trims trees, etc.

Alejandro Lopez,

Alejandro has been working at Southwind for 18 years, working alongside his family. He feeds and provides clean water on daily basis to our mares. He fixes fences, gates and does small maintenance jobs throughout the year. He maintains our lawns, and does leaf and snow removal when needed. Alejandro currently he lives on the Farm with his wife, son and daughter.

Heather Gross,

Heather has been with the Southwind Family since 2009.  Originally for upstate New York she has recently relocated to New Jersey.  Her passion for horse’s started at a very young age when her sister was able to convince her grandparents to get horses. She had her work cut out for her growing up on a working, thriving beef farm.  Growing up in 4-H she was able to learn what having a horse really meant and the hard work that it entailed.  Working her way through college at Southwind Farms NY, becoming full time after graduating, she learned about livestock and equine care.  Achieving an Associate’s Degree in Equine Science from SUNY Cobleskill she focused mainly on riding and training western pleasure and hunt seat horses.  In her spare time she enjoys riding and playing with her two horse’s, hiking and fishing with her boyfriend and their dog Bear.


Directions to Farm


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