Frozen Stallion Semen to be shipped to EU, Australia, NZ, and other countries in 2017.

Ship the Semen NOT the Horse:

Stallion owners have an option not to ship their stallion’s long distances to other countries.

USDA Permitted for over 25 years.

Southwind Farms Voted Breeding Farm of the Year for two consecutive years 2015/2016.

Southwind Farms is a state of the art facility! It is centrally located for easy access for any clients east of the Mississippi River, in the northeastern USA or Canada.


We offer very competitive pricing, excellent communication, and weekly inventory reports. We have been in business for over 30 years, our staff are highly experienced in collecting and catering to stallions.

Our agent relationships have been long term and good standings with European, Australian and New Zealand’s top export agents for over 25 years.

We work with Walnridge Reproduction services and  Dr. Alyssa Struzyna AKA “THE FREEZE QUEEN”  for freezing the stallion’s semen. We have a Certified Veterinarian Technician on staff and an Assistant Technician with a BS in Equine Science collecting the stallions.  A Veterinarian is onsite during all collections and freezing. ALL semen is processed in our onsite Breeding Laboratory.  Stallions are placed on Set schedules for collecting for a more routine, comfortable, atmosphere.


• We offer a NON-Stud barn Environment

• Stallions are NOT placed right next to other stallions.

• Mares are placed in between stallions in the barn and adjacent paddocks so your stallion has a more natural breeding environment.  Stallions that have their own “harem” naturally breed better and are mentally more comfortable.

• All stallions are given a large stall, and paddock, with mares in adjacent paddocks for a more natural breeding environment.  They are groomed and bathed daily, turned out for the ENTIRE day and brought into their stall at night.

We cater to ANY special needs your stallion may have and treat them as the individuals that they are.

FREE ADVERTISING: August-November we receive over 300 foreign and domestic visitors, all stallions are showcased to potential and current foreign and domestic clientele.

Southwind Farms attracts many visitors do to its prestigious presentation, central location near all major Harness racing tracks, airports and a network of global clientele that are primarily breeders in the Harness racing industry.

ALL Stallions are acknowledged on our website; which receives over 100,000 hits per month!

Past Stallion owners have said this has “boosted their bookings tremendously”.

European cliental was able to see their stallion during his stay at Southwind, this boosted bookings by 30% for that studs book!!!

“The Global Exposure Southwind provides your stallion is tremendous.”

“Very professional, communicative and competitive pricing for the package you get.”

 Where would you rather have your stallion? At a unknown breeding facility that receives no cliental visitors during the freezing season or at a facility were your cliental will directly see your horse both in person and on the internet.  Other freeze sites are extremely expensive and their sites are unknown to the general horse breeding cliental… Southwind is well known throughout the world. Other sites have taken advantage of their cliental for years serving as the only option for freezing stallions, jacking up their prices and not having the best reviews or the best quality frozen semen.  We were at one time one of those clients, we know the cost, we know what it takes to freeze stallions and we want to offer clients an option.

USDA Quarantine procedures start in late July and run through February.

We have limited space available.  Contact Southwind Farms or Walnridge Reproduction services for further information:

Limited openings available. Semen freezing starts JULY 2018 and runs through February 2019.

Please contact us for pricing and more information or visit our website at

Current and past Stallion roster that have stood at or shipped into Southwind Farms for Freezing/Collecting:



Valley Victory

Dancers Victory

Malabar Man


Muscle Hill

El Titan


Wishing Stone



What The Hill


Lagoheidor AHS, GOV, RPSI, and KWPN

Champ Dutch Warmblood Hunt seat/jumper

Coco Cavallie  USDF 2006 All Breed Champoin, 2nd in Grand Prix

Gemini (Clone of Gem Twist) American Grand Prix Association
             3x Horse of the Year

Dr. Alyssa Struzyna VMD, Equine Reproduction Specialist


Dr. Richard Meirs VMD, General Manager, Owner, Walnridge Equine

Laura Young, C.V.T. General Manager, CO Southwind Farms LLC

A.S. Science Penn State

CE, CSU Breeding Management/Fresh and Frozen Semen Handling.

CE Penn State, Stallion Handling/Behavior

CE, Penn State Mare Behavior/Foaling/Emergency Medical Treatment

CE UCD, Embryo Transfer and Mare Synchronization/Ultra Sounding and Deep Horn AI.

CE, CSU Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians.

Heather Gros, Assistant Manager A.S. Equine Science and Breeding Management.

Charlie Williams, Stallion Caretaker

 Hard Rock cafe/USHWA Caretaker of the year 2017

The Caretaker of the Year is sponsored by Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park in conjunction with the United States Harness Writers Association and recognizes the unsung heroes of the sport — the caretakers who maintain the health
and welfare of the horses on a daily basis. Charlie won this award for 2017 with over 400 nominations!


Walnridge Reproduction Services is a small business focused exclusively on freezing equine semen for domestic and international use.  The semen is processed and frozen in a USDA approved, state-of-the-art lab with advanced equipment to achieve high quality frozen semen.  The company is owned and operated by veterinarians who focus on reproduction and all semen processing is overseen by a veterinarian. Our small size allows us to work closely with each individual stallion and make changes if necessary to improve their post-thaw motility.


WRS prides itself in customer service and a close working relationship with Southwind Farms and agents abroad.  The exportation of frozen semen requires close communication with the USDA and extensive knowledge of the comprehensive testing and paperwork required.  An individualized program for each stallion is designed at the start of the season in order to insure the process goes smoothly and the semen arrives at its destination on time.

Please contact Walnridge Reproduction Services for more information.

Phone: 609-758-9100


Directions to Farm


Farm Manager: Laura Young

29 Burd Rd. Pennington, NJ  08534


  Phone: (609) 737-9067  Fax: (609) 737-2481