Southwind Farms was founded in 1978 by Mr. and Mrs. Allen Skolnick. Mr. and Mrs. Skolnick bought three yearlings in partnership with several other racehorse enthusiasts. One of the three yearlings purchased was Royce P3,1:53.4 $424,000, who became their inspiration to stay in the business, and expand further into the standardbred industry. The other two yearlings which they purchased were fillies. After a few years the two fillies were retired from racing and became broodmares. Mr. and Mrs. Skolnick were boarding the mares at other breeding farms in the area, when they decided to purchase their own farm and build up their brood mare band.

THE NY FACILITY: In the foothills of New York's Catskill Mountains, in the picturesque Butternut Valley lies 390 acres of pasture lands and hay fields, which was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. in 1980. Our NY sister facility is now and extension of our NJ facility, both facilities work together with everything.  Currently we have 15 mares and foals in NY and we are open to Boarders both year around and seasonal for breeding.  In 2013 both Mrs. and Mr. Skolnick passed away.  Their Son Barry has taken over as CEO of all the companies including Southwind farms.  Both farms are continuing on through the perseverance of Barry and his Southwind Team.

The NY facility is located about 20 minutes from Cooperstown Baseball hall of fame. Barry also manages Quarry Hill rentals in Gilbertsville NY, which Southwinds NY main mansion is part of. More information on Quarry Hills rentals can be found on their website   Being so close to Cooperstown groups of baseball enthusiasts rent through the summer months, wedding parties, and vacationist.

Barry also runs a Non-Profit organization out of Gilbertsville called GEM.  GEM is a Gallery and Sculpture Park. They host workshops in figure drawing, with live models and take in and launch beginning Artists.

THE NJ Facility:  The increasing size of Southwinds broodmare band in the early 80’s, and the dynamics of standardbred racing in New Jersey, caused Mr. and Mrs. Skolnick to look for another farm in central New Jersey. The location between four major race tracks and several other large Standardbred breeding farms in the area was very influential. The story is they had a map on their kitchen table and they drew  circle from the Meadowlands, Freehold raceway, Garden state Park Raceway and choose they town in the center of the circle, which was Pennington.  They came upon a 235 acre dairy farm located near the Village of Pennington. It was purchased in 1986, and is now known for its park like setting, brilliant statues and breathe taking scenic views. Over the course of almost 40 years the farm has been transformed into one of the most prestigious Standardbred horse breeding farms in America. This facility serves as a home for top trotting and pacing Stallions, Southwinds’ mares and a nursery for Southwinds foals from the time they are born until they are sold as yearlings.

Southwind strives to genetically and nutritionally improve the breed with each upcoming crop of foals. Standarbred horses are raised to be athletes and are required to perform strenuously. Therefore it is our aim and purpose to program them from the time they are foals to bear up under severe competitive challenges.

We offer a state of the art, USDA permitted facility as a home base for breeding and freezing stallion’s semen for Domestic and overseas clients.  The NJ facility is known for its honesty, success and integrity when it comes to Standing stallions, Managing Stallions Syndications and assisting clients in the transition of a racehorse to a breeding stallion. We give each stallion the best chance possible to succeed in the stud barn.  Come visit us anytime!

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